Made in Mexico (FULL MOVIE) 2021

Wealthy people want to be famous and famous people want to be wealthy. But being rich is where it’s really at.

A suburban dad writes the next Hollywood blockbuster only to have his script hijacked by an infamous drug lord in Made In Mexico.

When a down-on-his luck father of three has Hollywood buzzing over his screenplay, it’s a matter of time before all his dreams come true. However, his dreams are short lived when a pair of shady film makers con him out of the rights and he has no choice but to join forces with an unlikely partner, a drug lord who has plans of his own for this upcoming screenwriter – Famous People want to be Wealthy and Wealthy People want to be Famous. But being rich is where it’s really at.

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Lillo Brancato, Rod Rinks, Rana McAnear, Kyle Stefanski, John C. Fitzgerald, Joey Medina, Robert Arevalo, Christina BeBes Murguia, David Morales, Steve Weiser, Paul Fortone, Niko Rinks, Leo Rinks, Ella Rinks, Cesar Herrera, Anthony Escobar, Ronli Forcell, J.R. Thompson, Cienna Davis